Excellent top-notch mastering and customer service. John is friendly and thoughtful person. Fast and effortless adjustments when asked for and the prices are perfect to fit home producers' needs. I would rate you on a scale of 10/10.
We took our time listening and, all the band and everybody involved is really satisfied with your work.  I am very glad to have chosen you to do the job!   On behalf of the band we would like to thank you for your time and attention, and we say ready to rock!
We are happy and you can send us everything.  Job done, mission accomplished!  Thanks again.  Wishing you a great day.
Best regards,
I have a feeling that having this little mastering clip will help me a lot in actually hearing what needs to be done to the original mix. Thank you so much. Personally, Im sold. I know you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear so what you've done with it is top notch & your feedback is priceless. I will be in touch with you after I chat with my bandmates.
Jacob H



That is very kind of you to give me such detailed notes on ways I can improve future mixes and recordings.... I've been reading up on your mixing tips articles, and they are very informative, but having something thats personalized feedback on my mixes is beyond fantastic! I really want to thank you, John, again for everything, all the tips, all your time and work, you've got loyal clients here, I will certainly continue to always bring my business your way...
Aaron Frankel
Just heard them right now. Your dope as hell bro. When I get home from work tomorrow I'll send the rest of the money to get the completed versions. They ALL SOUND SO GOOD!
J. Parker
Yesterday & Tomorrow is a non-profit that works with highly talented high school students to help them write, perform and record original music with professional direction, equipment and expectations. It's incredibly important to us to represent our kids as well as possible and John has been a big part of making that happen.
Besides doing a great job mastering for us, John takes the time to make sure we understand how to make the revisions that will realize our vision and he has a reliably good ear for helping us to get the best sound possible on our project.  We love working with you, John, we'll be back again next year!
Yesterday & Tomorrow
Thank you John. I really appreciate your professionalism and honesty. So far they sound great, great, great. I'm very happy. I will listen back to them as you suggest, but so far they sound perfect. It's definitely been pleasure working with you and I'll absolutely be in touch for anything else / referring others. Thanks so much John!
Xavier Aimes
I just wanted to write and say thank you again for all of your hard work. You added a fullness that the music lacked, and were excellent on the business-end. It's a record release for me, so things have been obviously pretty crazy. Thanks for understanding and doing so well.
Griffen Alexander
I don't now how you do it, but you are amazing. You are so dead on with your instincts and skills. I'm gonna drop $36 into your PayPal account. Keep the extra $30 as a tip. Go have a beer on me. An EXPENSIVE one! Wow, you have just blown me away with your work. I'm coming to you every single time, man. You are the tops. Give me a call anytime you need anything, and if I can help, I will. And when we gear up for our next CD, I'll give you a shout. Thanks again, man. You're just awesome.
I've listened to the songs a lot and I still think they sound absolutely amazing! Everything sounds outstanding and I am completely happy with the songs! It was a pleasure working with you as well man, the songs kick ass!! Thanks a ton.
Thank you John Rogers....Your work has made me smile very hard!!!You have truly taken my project to the next level..... I do appreciate your compliment on my project. I just hope it touches the world. Thank you again. I will definitely be using you in the future and telling others about you.
Tanya Ross
Thank you so much! I dig it and am ready to call it a finished product. You've helped me turn a small basement project into something that sounds bigger than I'd ever thought I was capable of having, and I'm very grateful for it. I'll be recommending you to all of my friends.
Rich Astudillo
Just got my free partial mastering preview today and the difference between what I thought was good quality all these years up until now is incomparable. I've been doing home recording since I was 12 years old and been chasing that radio quality for 14 years and John made it ever so clear to me now. It's not about turning the nobs up on the channels to boost your vocals, you need the professionalism and expertise from this man to make your project stand out like the artist in mainstream today. BLSS you definitely have another loyal client.
You can go ahead and master the album. I wanna thank you for your help and going over everything with me you don't know how much I appreciate it. I've had a few projects mastered, but none compare to your service! As far as customer service, patience and punctuality you have been A1 and I appreciate it. In the future any projects I do I will be coming straight to you. Thanks.
Erick Brazile
Finally gave the tape a bunch of listens on several different sound systems- It sounds GREAT! Thanks so much for all of your hard work. Admittedly, we were skeptical and nervous about sending our hard work across the country to someone we don't know, but the quality of your work, professionalism and customer service exceeded all expectations! We look forward to working with you in the future and hope to find some success with this mixtape!
Hi John!

Wanted to share some good news with you - USA Network must have like Funny Bone as it was selected! Contracts have been signed and it's a done deal. They have invited me to do more projects so hopefully you'll be hearing from me again in the not to distant future :)

I honestly can't thank you enough because the first time the studio people heard Funny Bone it had been liberally sprinkled with "Magic John Dust", and had it NOT been, well, things might not have turned out like "Magic" for ME!

Dear John,

The last uploads from your side were just perfect, so I consider the work on this album finished, and the goal fully accomplished.  The more I listen to the songs the more I like the way they sound.

I'd like to warmly thank you for everything, for having endured some italian songs, and patiently dealt with quite sub-optimal mixes.  Looking forward to give you more business!

A big hug,
That one is just about perfect. Amazing time on response, by the way. Very impressive.
Abe Stewart
Hey John, sounds absolutely fantastic. We released a slightly different version of this song on our last album, and already had a guy who charges about 50 times your rate mix and master it once, and it's never sounded this good. Thanks for helping me get it there and for making it shine! My drummer just listened and said it's the first time he's heard this song done right. I agree. Fantastic. Can't wait to share it with everyone else.

Thanks brother!
Just want to say a huge thank you to JR Mastering Studio for your fast, professional and courteous service. You made our track sound amazing. We highly recommend this company for everyone's mastering needs. Much appreciation to John for taking on even the smallest of projects. Looking forward to working with you again very soon!
Great! Work is done! We are very happy with the final versions!
Yup, that's it! I really appreciate your patience and skills. You're the right man in the right place :) You made our EP album sound great and I am grateful for that. I consider the project closed :)
Sounds awesome!! Nailed it!! Thank you as always. I'll go ahead and make the remaining payment today. More will come!!
Just got a chance to listen. I like it! I'm so thankful for your quick and professional service! Still haven't heard back from the other company... starting to think I got "bamboozled" lol. Oh well, I have you now!! It all worked out. The only thing I'd change is the background VOCALS that say "no bootleg bootleg gentlemen" on the choruses could be just a tad louder.

Again, I'm so grateful for your service and thankful I found it.
The song sounds as I expected, very good! If you can 1db extra warmth but without changing the sound, it will be perfect. You did a masterful job! Thanks for your work and definitely will come back soon with new songs.
It was great working with you! Thank you for the tips and patience with the project! I will be back for future projects.

The project has definitely been elevated. Thank you! You have earned a return customer.
Every project I work on always goes to John! He has an awesome way of turning your track into something really great! I always suggest him to other producers. I will continue to use him on ALL my tracks, and I would recommend him for all of your projects! Thanks John!
Jake Weatherman
Thats perfect, John!  I dont have words to explain, its really great!!
John "gets it" and establishes a step by step approach to his work to assure all the nuances of your project are taken into consideration.

Every project we've worked together on has been very different and John's sense of what's right on each has made a huge difference in the final product.

He's patient and very exacting in his work making this final step a pleasure. Bravo John and thanks again.


John Basile

I can't express the joy of hearing the difference JR Mastering Studio has made to my music. The polish and professional sound I have been striving for, it's like night and day. What I thought sounded good before, finally has the broadcast-quality sound. It's something you have to experience to fully appreciate. Thank goodness I saw that post on Craigs list!
Ava Lemert
John, it does sound good. You have great ears and your service was awesome!! We will be using your services in the future. Once again, thank you!!
Derek S.
The songs sound great! Thank you so much for your help with this project. You are the man! These tunes are so much better after the work you put into them. I cant say it enough... Thank you John.
William Peavy
Hello John, everything does sound great. Thank you very much. I agree very much with your statement of being a life long student - this is something I am committed to life long, my passion lies in my music. :) Everything sounds fantastic, you guys do an amazing job!
Kate P
Excellent work I will definitely be returning to JR Mastering for my next CD...
George Martinez
Michele and I think everything else sounds fantastic!!!!! Great Job!!!!! We both listened to the songs on cd in our cars and they sounded just incredible. Thank you so much for the talent, patience and help in creating a killer finished product for us!!!!!
JB Lamont
I just listened to it on my studio monitors and stereo system. All I can say is W O W!!!! I even compared it with some of my other favorite major artist's CDs and all I can say is I'm sold. Where do I sign?
I think you are a genius, it sounds SOOO good. You spread the frequencies so beautifully. I am so glad to have found your service!!!
William Lankford
I listened to the masters on a bunch of different speakers and they sound great. Thanks again for mastering our EP and thanks for all the advice along the way. We'll definitely work with you again in the future when we record more stuff!
 Scott Weaver
Superb! For me, that's it, done, I think the band is going to love it, as it became more loud and clear, good definition at highs and lows, I'm feeling comfortable.
Eduardo Horta
Wow John! So much better! Thank you for doing it so fast! The drums and bass sound absolutely perfect! I love the ambient feel you gave it. I'd love to move forward and have you finish the song for us! Again, thank you so much!
Austin McKee
These sound fantastic! Even with my amateur mixing job :D It's very inspiring hearing something you've done sound so good. Makes me want to get the next batch ready haha.
Chris Leather
Thank you for the compliment! And as for the mastering, it sounds beautiful and amazing! I believe it is perfect the way it is! Again, thank you for such an amazing job!
Brian Kimskey
Hey John, just downloaded all the tracks and am very impressed - just want to say thanks again for your good work!
Matt L
That sounds sweet man. Thanks, I don't have any complaints. You have very good ears for anything thrown at you, it seems. It sounds sooo much better though. Stoked to hear the full songs. I'll wait to hear back when those are up, but thanks again for the awesome mastering service. I'll be back next time for sure.
Mitchell Quinn
Excellent! It sounds awesome, i love it! Like always thank you for the great work! 'Til next time.
Victor Valery
Hey I just checked the work with my headphones and man it's there already! I compared it to the original versions and oh yea it sounds ten times better now man!!~!! Thank you so much!!~!! I'm definitely gonna let you master my whole album. Thanx John
Freddy M
I very much dig the sound. You've been so helpful and forthcoming during this process. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Brilliant Pop
Sounds exactly as i wished, great job. More than happy for you to use track on your website and my sincerest thanks for your professionalism and attention to detail. Look forward to working with you on what i hope will be a successful project. All the very best.
Excellent job, John, just made the payment. You pulled it out the bag again, thank you so much.
Phil Follett
Wow, huge difference!!! U definitely made it sound big. I like it and I'm sure the artist will too. I'm paying now!!!
Steve Potter
Your mastering has made quite a difference! Sounds a hell of a lot clearer, louder, and you can distinguish between different instrument sounds better. Really pleased with it.

Loved the demos, amazing. Soooo much better. And thanks for the incredible quickness! Normally I have something Id like changing or for me to change and reupload a mix. Not this time! Best mastering service ever!? I think so. Many thanks.
Graham Warner
Hello John, it sounds absolutely amazing. thank you. please send me the final version.
i have received the mastered clip i'm so happy with it, i cant wait to get the complete one. i'm ready to pay now.. i could not sleep last night, i couldn't wait for it.
Sean Stewart
John S
They sound great! Any next project I need mastered I'll definitely come your way as well as recommend you to others. Thanks once again for all the help.
Greg Hughes
LOVE IT! Thanks again for doing such a FANTASTIC job! You will be hearing from me again!!!
Just listened to demo 4 and all I can say is wow. Considering what I gave you to work with I couldn't be happier with the outcome! The songs sound a million times better. I'm putting money in my paypal account on April 30 so as soon as that goes through I'll be sending you the remaining balance. Thanks again you did an amazing job!
Thank you for all of your help. You have been a pleasure to work with and I will definitely keep your company in mind when we make more recordings in the future!
Fluesy G
Everything honestly sounds good. We knew you would spice everything up. Thank you!
Jovonni Pharr
I listened to everything about 10x so far....First of all let me say over all I LOVE IT !!!!!! You and your team did a GREAT, GREAT JOB!

Again I can't tell you how HAPPY I am with your work bro..I LOVE IT, and I'm here to tell you got my business and other projects and friends I produce from here on out!
Clinton Daniel
I am coming back with my other member's band comments... WE ALL LOVED YOUR WORK ! It's really a good job and it sounds really professional.
Mass F
Thank you so much, I am very pleased with the finished product. My artist Don Juan is also very satisfied with his first album and wanted me to thank you on his behalf. We are both looking forward to working with you and JR Mastering Studio on future projects. I greatly appreciate your good work and professionalism.
Michelle U
They sounded fantastic. And must say - so far 110% impressed with your service, John. Awesomeness.. And you're 1st on the recommended mastering list for IRIS Distribution!
Layne Fox
They sound great!! Thanks for finishing so quickly!
Jaret Reddick, B.F.S Lead Singer
I have already heard some good things from a few A&R's on the tracks that you mastered for my cd. You do great work man and I commend you on the professionalism of your business.

Thank you so much! I really appreciate the compliments and the professionalism of your work! Doing business with you was definitely awesome! I can definitely see the difference in the sound quality of the songs!
Jaay Blayze

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