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JR Mastering is a professional online music mixing and cd mastering studio located in Las Vegas, NV.  Since 1999, owner John Rogers has provided mixing and mastering services, podcast editing, and ACX audiobook editing for over 8,000 clients (that's 6-8 per week) all around the world, in all styles of music (and many languages). 

I'm also the author of the top selling audio mastering book, Audio Mastering Secrets.
  I won't just make your music sound “better” I will help you get it sounding the “very best” it can.  Let's get



john rogers online cd mastering

1. Since 1999, I've worked with over 8,000 highly satisfied clients in every genre imaginable.  "I" personally do all of the work on every project (NO auto-preset software or an intern).  We work together to get your project sounding the very best it can.  Check out some of my before and after mastering samples.

2. I know how long it took to make your music, and I will treat your project as if it were my very own

3. If there are any major mixing errors, I will give you advice so you can correct them.   We need to get your mix right first! 



  • Cubase
  • SSL
  • Universal Audio
  • Eventide
  • RME
  • Manley
  • Presonus
  • Sennheiser
  • Dynaudio
  • Waves

5. I'm here to help you any way I can.

6. No hidden fees.  I balance the song levels for the CD at no extra charge, and allow two free adjustment sets (or remix uploads) per song.  After that, it's only $5 per song. 

7. I require only 50% down to start your project.  You pay the balance after you approve my work.

8. Full projects are finished quickly, within 3-5 business days.  24-hour rush service also available for $10 extra per song (mastering only).



I'm very excited to get started on your project!  A few easy steps and we're in business!


1. Check Out These Articles (If Needed)

*NEW - Mixing And Mastering Frequently Asked Questions

How To Prepare Your Songs For MASTERING

How To Prepare Your Songs For MIXING



Mixing is $4 Per Stem

24-hour rush is available for an extra $10 per song (mastering only).

3. Make Your 50% Down Payment


THAT'S IT!!  All projects are finished within 3-5 business days.


Make a CD of your songs and listen to them on familiar music players (car stereo, iPod, etc.)  Note any preference adjustments (like a little more or less bass, brightness, etc).  Note - Usually, not many adjustments are needed, if any.

Email me any adjustments you would like, or upload a corrected file if you're changing your mix.  Note - Your first two sets of adjustments are free. After that, it's only $5 per adjustment set per song.  98% of my clients never pay anything extra.

I will keep all of your work on file for one year, just in case you need to make any changes to the project in the future.  If you do not want your project retained, let me know and I'll remove it from my system one week after the project is finished.


Note: All emails, songs, and personal info submitted is 100% confidential.

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