Welcome to JR Mixing and Mastering services. YES, we are fully open (2-4 day turn-around). I can't wait to get started on your project. But most of all, stay healthy and safe! - JR


Audio Mastering Secrets
My book website.

Audio Mastering Tutorial and Tips by John Rogers
My audio mastering secrets promo video!

Audio Mastering Podcast
My audio mastering secrets audio mastering podcast.

JAI Music Productions
Music producing, arranging, songwriting with JAI!

Organ / Keyboard Pedal
Must have item if you play the keys!

JR Mastering Studio Profile - NMB Live
My NMB live studio profile.

Christian Boys - Mastered By JR mastering
I mastered this group's CD

Nu School (J.R. Mastering) (FREE DOWNLOAD WAV) by White Ninja
A song I mastered for a client.

Online Mixing And Mastering Services
Mastering website of a former employee.

Freedome Mastered By John Rogers Mastering
A CD I mastered.


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JR Mastering NMB Live


My Favorite Local Las Vegas Businesses

Best Pizza In Las Vegas Bambinos
My favorite Las Vegas pizza place!


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The Music Production Secrets Series
by John Rogers


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