100% Money Back Guarantee 

You’ve worked very hard on your CD. For some of you it’s your life! You want it to sound the very best it can. But what if the mastering engineer you went with delivers your CD and it’s terrible (this happens more than you think). I'll tell you what happens, you lose all of your money and have to find someone else!!

Well, that can’t happen here. I offer a full money back guarantee, no questions asked.

Here’s how it works -

1. Upload a song for a free partial preview. It will be sent back in 1-2 days.   Let me know of any preference adjustments. If approved you will owe full payment for only this one song. If you don’t approve it, you owe nothing and we’re done.

2. Now upload your entire CD and make your 50pct deposit.

3. Your entire project will be finished and sent to you within 3-4 days, and every song will be consistent with the initial preview.

4. Review the project and let me know of any preference adjustments like more or less bass, brightness, volume, etc.

5. If you’re not happy with it after the free revisions, let me know within 5 business days for a refund. You only owe $39 for the initial preview that you approved.  You owe nothing for any of the other songs on the project.  100pct of any you paid other than the initial preview will be refunded.

6. Once you’re happy with the project, pay the 50pct balance and I will upload the entire project.

Note - Out of the over 7,500 clients I’ve worked with, 98% approve my work and pay.  Many absolutely love it! One year I didn’t have ANY refunds on over 1,000 projects. The 2% that request a refund are because either their mixes were terrible (and I told them the masters would not be great but that wanted me to proceed) or they can’t come up with the 50pct balance.

Remember, you must notify me within 5 business days after you get your project and adjustments, if you would like a refund. All refunds are processed within 3 business days.


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